February 17 - 20, 2022

Lacy Casey is socially awkward, has a goofy sense of humor, and has raised clumsiness to an art form. If you look in the dictionary under "adorkable," you'd find a picture of Lacy.  Her friends Sue and Trevor love her quirkiness and accept her for who she is. When Lacy goes out on her first date with Bryce, she assumes it will be their last date. After all, her ungraceful mannerisms practically destroy their dinner, and he keeps calling her by the wrong name. But he comes back for more ... Meanwhile, Trevor harbors a secret love for Lacy, adoring her from a distance. When Bryce turns out to be not all he seems to be, who will save the day? Lacy's gruff father Carl? And what about Gabriella, the mysterious Italian woman who doesn't speak a word of English? It's a fun, frivolous time, with a dollop of mistaken identity, in the life of a lovable train wreck as we find out who loves Lacy! 

by Michal Jacot

Directed by Kyle Borcz