Past CCCT Productions:

Clinton County Civic


‘See How They Run’’ Feb. 1990

‘‘The Murder Room’’ Oct. 1990

‘‘The Odd Couple’’ (Female Version) Feb. 1991

‘‘Catch Me If You Can’’ Apr. 1991

‘‘Arsenic and Old Lace’’ Nov. 1991

‘‘June Groom’’ Feb. 1992

‘‘Plaza Suite’’ Apr. 1992

‘‘Sorry, Wrong Chimney’’ Dec. 1992

‘‘Don’t Drink the Water’’ Feb. 1993

‘‘Love, Sex and the IRS’’ Apr. 1993

‘‘Wake Up, Darling’’ Nov. 1993

‘‘Cemetery Club’’ Feb. 1994

‘‘My Son is Crazy, but Promising’’ Apr. 1994

‘‘Squabbles’’ Nov. 1994

‘‘An Evening of One Acts’’ Feb. 1995

‘‘Faith County’’ Apr. 1995

‘‘The Second Lady’’ Nov. 1995

‘‘The Foreigner’’ Feb. 1996

“Faith County II’’ Apr. 1996

“Good Help Is So Hard To Murder” Oct. 1996

“Christmas Carol” Dec. 1996

‘‘Come Blow Your Horn’’ Feb. 1997

“Anybody Out There” Apr. 1997

‘‘Knock ‘Em Dead’’ Oct. 1997

‘‘Don’t Dress For Dinner’’ Dec. 1997

‘‘Cactus Flower’’ Feb. 1998

“Moon Over Buffalo” Apr. 1998

“Arsenic & Old Lace” Oct. 1998

“Cemetery Club” Feb. 1999

“Cash On Delivery” Apr. 1999

“Dearly Departed” Oct. 1999

“Out of Sight, Out of Murder” Feb. 2000

“The Second Time Around” Apr. 2000

“The Creature Creeps” Oct. 2000

“An Evening of One-Acts, Part 2” Feb. 2001

“Playing Doctor” Apr. 2001

“Reception To Follow” Oct. 2001

“Never Too Late” Feb. 2002

“Bless Me, Father” Apr. 2002

“Ghost of a Chance” Oct. 2002

“Those Crazy Ladies in the House

on the Corner” Feb. 2003

‘‘You Have The Right to Remain Dead’’ Apr. 2003

‘‘Trick or Treat’’ Oct. 2003

‘‘Over the River and Through the Woods’’ Feb. 2004

‘‘Father of the Bride’’ Apr. 2004

“Disorder in the Court” Oct. 2004

“The Sunshine Boys” Feb. 2005

“Every Little Crook & Nanny” Apr. 2005

“The Best Laid Plans” Oct. 2005

“Cinderella Meets the Wolfman” Feb. 2006

“Love Thy Neighbor” Apr. 2006

‘‘Altar Egos’’ Oct. 2006

‘‘Lend Me a Tenor’’ Feb. 2007

“I Take This Man” Apr. 2007

“Insane with Power” Oct. 2007

“Barbecuing Hamlet” Feb. 2008

“The Girls of the Garden Club” Apr. 2008

“Lafferty’s Wake” Oct. 2008

“Dearly Beloved” Feb. 2009

“Senior Follies” Apr. 2009

“Bar Wars: A Night of One-Acts” Oct. 2009

“The Lottie and Bernice Show” Feb. 2010

“The Dixie Swim Club” Apr. 2010

“Opal’s Husband” Oct. 2010

“New Kid on the Block” Feb. 2011

“Almost, Maine” Apr. 2011

“Wage Warfare” Oct. 2011

“Leading Ladies” Feb. 2012

“Take My Husband . . . Please!” Apr. 2012

“You Can’t Beat the House” Oct. 2012

“Mama Won’t Fly” Feb. 2013

‘‘Happy Birthday, Dear Grandpa’’ Apr. 2013

“The Red Velvet Cake War” Oct. 2013

“Coming Back to Jersey” Feb. 2014

‘‘Of Moss and Men’’ Apr. 2014

‘‘The Money In Uncle George’s Suitcase’’ Oct. 2014

‘‘Penny For Your Thoughts’’ Feb. 2015

“Always A Bridesmaid” Apr. 2015

‘‘Two Witches, No Waiting’’ Oct. 2015

“Things My Mother Taught Me” Feb. 2016

“Rex’s Exes” Apr. 2016

“A Bad Year for Tomatoes” Oct. 2016

“The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)” Feb. 2017

“Nana’s Naughty Knickers” Apr. 2017

"Tall Guy, Short Stories: 10-Minute Plays by Scott Haan" Oct. 2017

"The Savannah Sipping Society"  Feb. 2018

"Flaming Idiots" Apr. 2018

"The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society
Murder Mystery" - Oct 2018

"In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (That Should Be Shot)" - Feb 2019

"Just a Little Crazy" - Apr 2019